In Memory

Berry Maple

Long suffering from fumarase deficiency, Berry could never determine which of his many simultaneous girlfriends he should marry.  So, he moved to the Hildale/Colorado City twin cities area and wed them all.  Berry presided over all his own ceremonies using his signature Mobile Wedding Chapel, complete with prolific organ, stained glass windows, an altar, and two wooden pews. See photos:

It got so bad, women refused to ring his doorbell for fear of matrimony.  His female UPS driver often threw packages from her van, racing by his religious compound at full speed.

Berry occasionally found work as a stunt double in Hollywood movies.  Wearing a wig & makeup to resemble Susan Sarandon, he and a female dummy disguised as Geena Davis drove a 1966 Thunderbird Convertible off a cliff in the stunning finale of Director Ridley Scott's Thelma and Louise.  Only a tail light was ever recovered.

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05/08/10 02:20 PM #1    

Susan Metz (Metz)


I wish I had been one of your wives.  I had the biggest crush on you back in the day.  I remember working up the courage to ask you to sign my yearbook and you did.  I held it close to me until someone paid me $120.00 to have the book because of the picture of Rosanne Barr.

Sorry you won't be at the reunion,


(Miss Pep Club 69-70)  

05/11/10 10:22 PM #2    

Rick Douglas


Now that airlines CHARGE for EVERYTHING, I decided I would simply "hold it" the whole ten hours until my Pan Am Clipper touched down in Tahiti (French Polynesia).  After much turbulence terminating in an abrupt water landing (were we LOST?), I raced into Papeete's Faaa International Airport and headed for their FREE restroom.  Oh my heck was I surprised to run smack into a larger-than-life statue commemorating the pioneering island missionary efforts of East High-71's own, Berry Maple!

Berry, you weren't with us for long (and maybe not at all without Pat Martha's devoted yearbook efforts), but anyone can see you truly left your mark on our world (and on your several Tahitian wives; the most commonly heard child's name here is: Berry!)

06/16/10 07:03 PM #3    

Lori Thomassen

   Although I never met you, I am shocked at hearing of your tragic passing.  At least you went out with a flare.  I am just sorry I never got to see your prolific organ.  May you both R.I.P.

07/29/10 09:04 PM #4    

Nancy Curtis (Myers)

The man of my dreams where are you? So sorry for your tragic and early passing. I will remember you fondly. I think.

09/18/10 12:24 PM #5    

Helen Barton (Peterson)

 Berry Maple,... like Martha Raddatz you have the 'qwan', man! (word from movie, Jerry Maguire)

I know you have connections to hot DJ Brad Pitt, so thank you for putting The Wee Five song

on my profile....I was so excited! That's my karaoke song, you need to sing it, full blast out your

car window, on the way to work, sometime. It's liberating!

You've got skills and you're worthy!





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